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Craigslist Posting Service - CL Marketing for small business. Manual craigslist posting service provider, cheap and reliable craigslist poster. We post your craigslist ad(s) early in the morning and then we check once again in the afternoon to make sure the ad(s) still posted. If they have been flagged or delete it for some reason, we will re-post them again at no extra cost. Great alternative to the now expensive search engine advertisement (ppc) like adwords where you paid every single time a potential client clicks on your ad. With our craigslist posting service you only pay very little (depending of the plan you selected) for as many clicks as your business can attract.
PLUS (this is a huge reason to buy our service): when you advertise on CL, that ad has a lot of chances to show up on the first page of Google. Remember that nowadays there is a whole industry of SEO experts that will charge you thousands of dollar with the promise of bringing your website on the left site (natural search) of Google. With our program, since we strategically use keywords relevant for your business there are very good chances that your CL ad will also show up in the first page of Google (completely free). That means you are exposing your business not just to the millions of CL users but at the same time you are reaching the Google audience!

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